Hide-It - The Ultimate Concealed Carry Holster
We are dealers for Hide-It concealed carry holsters and Nite Ize innovative products for enhanced visibility (LED based products), secure carry (to keeps any mobile device protected, attached and accessible), rope accessories, and pens that write in all conditions – underwater, at any altitude, in temperature extremes, and at any angle. =============================================================================
Hide-It is the ultimate concealed carry holster.
This holster will accommodate small 5 shot revolvers, 380s, 9mms, 40 cals, 45 semi-autos, all Glocks, XDs, and Sigs regardless of barrel length. This holster will also accommodate the Ruger LCP or Kel Tec P3AT or P32 pistols with Crimson Trace Lasers. Now you can change fire power without having to change holsters.
  • The Hide-It concealed carry holster tucks inside the waistband of your pants and can be worn without a coat, jacket, untucked shirt, or obvious fanny pack. (Both men and women can use this holster.)
  • Comfortable while standing or sitting.
  • Provides complete concealment without imprint.
  • Your gun is safely concealed to reduce the possibility of being disarmed.
Don't leave home without it!
 You can buy Hide-It products at the WAC shows or direct on the web at Concealment Concepts.
Hide-It provides easy access to a securely stored pistol. Lifting the cell phone exposes the gun's grip for an easy draw.
CLICK HERE to go to YouTube and watch the video as Creator of Cell Pal, Steve Weisner, demonstrates how the Hide-It (formerly called the Cell Pal or Pager Pal) works.
Pocket Pal Kel-Tec / Ruger LCP / Pocket Holster
Picture for reference only. Gun not included with holster.
Wears like a wallet......shoots like a gun. Can be used in any pocket.
Made for the Kel-Tec .32 or .380. It will also fit the new Ruger LCP .380, and a Seecamp .32 or .380 (all without add-on laser).
  • Immediate access, and easy to shoot. This holster is designed to look like a wallet in your pocket.
  • The additional finger hole beneath the trigger gives you a better grip when firing, and the magazine release button is recessed so that the magazine will not come out when sitting with the holster in your pocket.
  • The Pocket Pal fits tightly to the gun so it will not accidentally separate in your pocket. You do not remove the gun from the Pocket Pal to fire it.
  • The gun actually shoots above the holster, not through it, and does not conceal the fact that is a gun once it is drawn.
  • It is actually considered a modified grip, and therefore, it does not fall into the AOW category.
  • Complies with ATF regulations on wallet holsters
(To use either of these guns with a Crimson Trace Laser, you can use the Cell Pal J-frame holster. This holster will provide the best fit for the smaller pistols.) 

For more info, send us an email. Buy the Pocket Pal at the WAC shows or direct on the web at Concealment Concepts.

We are a dealer for the Nite Ize line of innovative products and accessories. Nite Ize has some of the finest cell phone cases available. Rugged and secure, they will protect your phone or PDA like no other. Nite Ize also provides LED illumination products and upgraded LED bulbs for flashlights.  See their products at our shows. Click here to go to the Nite Ize Page.
See and buy Hide-It, Pocket Pal, and Nite Ize products at the Washington Arms Collectors gun shows (see Gun Shows page).
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